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 Essential Information

Welcome to the Teaching Section!


Please read this important information as soon as you receive it as this will answer some of the questions you may have about your child’s new swimming lessons.


The Swimming Year


Our Club year starts on 1st April and is split into four 13 week quarters – April-June, July-September, October-December and January-March.  During each quarter we aim to provide a minimum of 11 teaching sessions and fees are charged accordingly.  However, in most quarters the full 13 sessions will take place. 


All lessons continue throughout the school holidays.  Only very rarely do we close – on Bank holidays when the pools are closed and usually for approximately 1 week over the Christmas period.  Other pool closures may happen due to galas, technical problems with the pool or perhaps when a child is sick in the pool and pool staff advise closure – obviously these circumstances are out of our control. (See section further on regarding Pool Closures).


Annual membership fee


Our Club year runs from 1st April – 31st March.  It is necessary for all swimmers to pay an Annual Membership Fee.  All members of the Club have to be registered with the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) for insurance purposes.  Our Non-Competitive Membership Fee for the year April 2013 – March 2014 is £25.00 (including ASA registration fee).  The full membership fee will be due from all members starting between 1st April and 31st October.  Starters from 1st November – 27th December will pay a reduced membership fee of £10.00.  Those starting between 28th December – 28th February will pay a nominal membership fee of £4 and those starting during March will pay the full new membership for the following Club year, which will be announced at the beginning of February 2012.





May we inform you that as a club we expect all our members, parents, carers and staff to act respectfully towards all other members, parents, carers and staff including the staff of the Leisure Centres.  The use of aggressive behaviour or foul and abusive language (or any other action deemed to be unacceptable behaviour such as spitting) to any other person will not be tolerated.  Any reports received of such actions will be dealt with resolutely and, if proven, may well result in the termination of your child’s membership of Edmonton Phoenix Swimming Club.




We have had a number of cases recently where children have been sick in the pool – resulting in pool closure.  Can you please stop your children drinking fizzy drinks or eating for one hour before swimming.

Also, can you not bring your children to lessons for 48 hours after they have been ill with sickness or diarrhoea.


Information Regarding Pool Closure


If a pool closure is known in advance, you will be notified by letter or a hand out at the pool in advance.  If the closure is of an emergency nature and at short notice, we do make every effort to contact swimmers to inform them.  However some sessions are so large in numbers that it is sometimes not possible to contact every one to inform them and we do apologise in advance should this happen.  We do try to put information regarding pool closures on the club website as soon as we know about them.


Awards for achievements


Our Swimming lessons follow the Amateur Swimming Association National Teaching Plan.  During each quarter the children work towards various awards and badges.  It is our aim that each child achieves a badge during each quarter, but of course this does depend on their ability and their regular attendance for lessons.  When the children meet an agreed standard (see the separate sheet for detailed information) they will be moved up to the next class.  Most class movements take place at the beginning of a new quarter.  We regret that when children move from one class to another we are unable to guarantee the same teacher, time/day, although if it is necessary to change their allotted time/day we would contact you in order to discuss this in advance.






Swimming Hats


All Club members are entitled to one training hat free of charge and this can be collected by handing the voucher provided to the relevant member of Club staff at the pool when your child attends a swimming lesson.   Replacement hats can be purchased at a cost of £4.50 each.


Changing Rooms


When using the changing rooms at Southbury and Edmonton Leisure Centres, please do not leave your child’s belongings in the cubicles whilst they are swimming.  In order that the cubicles are available for other swimmers to utilise, please either keep all your child’s belongings with you or make use of the lockers provided.  Any items left in the cubicles are likely to be removed by Leisure Centre staff.




Fusion, the pool operators have specified that under no circumstances should parents be allowed access to poolside during lessons at all their pools in Enfield.  In order for us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all swimmers, pupils will be met at the entrance into the swimming pools and returned to their parents/carers at the end of each lesson.  This unfortunately may mean that a few minutes of lesson time may be lost but we will do our best to keep disruption to a minimum.  We would appreciate the co-operation of all parents/carers to make sure swimmers arrive for lessons on time and ensure that children are collected promptly.  May we remind all parents/carers that they should remain in the Leisure Centre whilst their children are having their lesson.  A spectator area is provided at Southbury from which you can watch both pools and at Edmonton for the main pool only.  We realise that it is not ideal, but parents wanting to watch their children in the teaching pool at Edmonton will have to do so from the windows overlooking the pool, either in the main foyer or upstairs in the Café area.  A qualified lifeguard is employed by the Leisure Centre on all pools at all sessions in order to deal with any medical emergency that may arise.


Medical Conditions


It is essential that you inform us of any medical conditions that your child might have and ensure that they have taken any relevant medication prior to their lesson.  Please also make sure you let your child’s teacher/the Teaching Co-ordinator know where you will be whilst your child is in the pool in order that you can be called should it be necessary.  If your child is likely to need an inhaler during their lesson, this can be left on poolside in a designated, dry place where the Teaching Co-ordinator, Lifeguard and your child know where to find it.  Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on any medication left on poolside.


If your child’s medical condition is so serious that you need to accompany your child constantly, this should be brought to the attention of our Teaching Co-ordinator along with a medical certificate from your doctor confirming that your child is unable to be left in the charge of our teaching staff, under the supervision of a qualified lifeguard, for half an hour for their swimming lesson.  We may also require you to supply us with a signed letter from yourself stating details of your GP surgery and giving us permission to contact them to find out exactly what assistance your child is likely to require in a medical emergency.  Should your doctor confirm that your child needs constant parental supervision, we will have to arrange for his/her swimming lessons to take place at a time when the pool is less busy in order to minimise the risk to the other children in the pool of having extra personnel on poolside should an emergency rescue be needed.

Contact details


If you need to contact us at all you can use the following methods:


epsc.teaching@btinternet.com – e-mails are checked and forwarded to the necessary staff member daily.


Telephone:  07948 120 210


When using the telephone number, if you do not get an immediate reply, please do leave a message and a member of our staff will get back to you.



The Committee

Edmonton Phoenix Swimming Club

On this page you can find important information about codes and policies of the club and various other affiliated organisations. You can also find general information concerning child welfare, ethics, job descriptions and more.

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From time to time we will take photographs/video for the website and local press, following the 'Wavepower' guidelines. Please contact us if you DO NOT give permission for your child's photograph to be taken.





We have adopted the ASA 'Wavepower' promoting your right to good Welafare Practice in the club. Full details can be found by clicking the links above.

If you are concerned about yourelf or someone else in the club contact our welfare officer, Vicki McCarthy vicki.mcc@blueyonder.co.uk or call the ASA Swimline on

0808 1004001



Edmonton Phoenix Swimming Club   is affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association. and as such is bound by its regulations, code of conduct and ethics.

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